What can iShear do for you?

iShear can be used as an instrument to help educate clients and caregivers about the correct use and set-up of the wheelchair. Help them understand the effect of the use of recline and tilt, of changing foot support angles or changing the seat depth. You can show the client in detail the consequences of an incorrect transfer. iShear helps you to justify adjustments to the seating system or to the wheelchair set-up. iShear can be easily used together with a pressure mapping system.

Educational workshops

The iShear team regularly gives demonstrations of the use of iShear in seating and positioning. They also provide educational workshops about the product, next to providing product training for everyone looking to make more informed decisions about seating systems and shear forces.

The team provides tailored education and training on location and online. You can request an educative session that fits you via the button below.

Clinical cases about iShear

In clinics worldwide, sliding has always been reported as a major problem in wheelchair seating. Therefore we try to gather as many clinical case reports as possible to demonstrate the use of iShear as a tool when evaluating a seating system.

The range of applications and the varied insights the tool is able to give, show the diversity of the iShear. Please contact us if you have an interesting case of your own that you are willing to share.

iShear's 'How-to' videos

Of course the easiest way to demonstrate how iShear works is in person and on location, but since that is not always possible our video library provides a number of go-to videos to get started with iShear yourself. The videos cover the initial set up, up to and including making your own measurements and comparisons.

If you have any additional questions that are not covered by the videos or our FAQ, we are just one mail or call away.

Our iShear Experts
Carlos Kramer

Carlos specialised in seating and positioning through gaining practical experience whilst working for long term care centres, rehabilitation centres and rehab vendors. His educational background is in physics and before pursuing his passion in the industry, he spent 7 years teaching in schools on all levels. He expanded his knowledge of seating and positioning through his close relations and now colleagues Sharon Sutherland-Pratt, Bengt Engström and Bart Van der Heijden.

Sliding has always been one of the biggest problems in the world of seating and positioning. With his physics background, Carlos was part of the development team of the iShear. He was responsible for how iShear woud work, its validation and the clinical use of the iShear in the field.

As he was part of the team that developed iShear from the very beginning, Carlos is one of our natural go-to iShear experts. He is also the head of education at Vicair since 2012 and continues to combine his expertise in teaching and passion for seating to provide high quality education in the field worldwide.

Mark Smit

After graduating from the academy for Physiotherapy, Mark worked in private practice and in an activity centre for individuals with disabilities for several years.

He then continued his career as clinical professional by doing development work in Papua New Guinea, as a Clinical Program Manager in a community based rehabilitation program for children with disabilities in rural areas. Mark continued his contributions to development work as a Clinical Program Manager in Gorazde, Bosnia-Herzegovina and then practiced physiotherapy in a hospital in Papua New Guinea for another year.

Mark returned to the Netherlands in 1999 and started working in the assistive technology industry. He worked at several suppliers and dealers in the industry, always having a focus on aids for children, but at the same time working as a consultant in the Dutch healthcare system and in nursing homes. Mark spent the most recent years of his career working for some of the largest companies that work in seating and positioning in the assistive technology market. He currently works as an International Account Manager at Vicair and has become an iShear expert.

Mark has spent a great deal of his career abroad and has shifted his main focus to educating over the last couple of years. He dedicates himself to providing training, hands-on workshops and seminars to therapists, dealers, wheelchair users and their caregivers. In his own words, iShear has provided Mark with great insights into seating systems., Providing valuable information to him as a physiotherapist, helping him to make more informed decisions about the advices he gives.